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    St. Louis
    Principal, Executive Vice President
    Mr. Monteleone is a principal in the ownership and serves as Executive Vice President and manager of Q10 | Triad's St. Louis office. His primary responsibilities include individual production, lender relations and monitoring the origination and placement activities of the St. Louis office staff. Joe (49) has 22 years experience in the commercial mortgage business in the St. Louis area, including 12 years as a principal with Q10 | Triad. He has lived in St. Louis since childhood, and has spent his entire business career in this area. Joe is a graduate of the University of Missouri (St. Louis) with degrees in music and business. He has completed various appraisal courses and maintains a Real Estate license in the State of Missouri.

    Contact Joe at 314-735-8780 or jmonteleone@q10triad.com

    Vice President

    Contact Terry at 314-735-8781 or tdunaway@q10triad.com

    Loan Officer

    Contact Jim at 314-735-8784 or jwickenhauser@q10triad.com

    Kansas City
    Principal, President & CEO
    As a co-founder, President and CEO of Q10 | Triad Capital Advisors, Mr. Parker is responsible for the overall operations of the Company with emphasis on overall company administration, as well as loan origination, loan administration and bank relations. John (62) has been involved in financing commercial real estate for 33 years (all in Kansas City) including nine years with FBS Mortgage Corporation as Vice President and Manager of the Kansas City office. Prior to associating with FBS, he served as Financial Vice President for a national developer and Executive Vice President for a regional mortgage banking firm. John is a graduate of the University of Missouri (B.S. in Mathematics) and the University of Cincinnati (MS in Mathematical Statistics). He has completed the MBA of America's School of Mortgage Banking and has served as President of the Greater Kansas City Commercial Mortgage Bankers.

    Contact John at 816-841-0950 or jparker@q10triad.com

    Vice President

    Contact Phil at 816-841-0952 or pbird@q10triad.com

    Sr. Vice President
    Mark Reichter is a Senior Vice President and serves as Director of Loan Production for the Kansas City office. Mark has 15 years of commercial real estate lending experience having worked for a life insurance company, a CMBS lender and a national mortgage banking firm before joining Triad in 2002. He has been involved in over $1 billion of debt and equity transactions for commercial and multi-family real estate. Mark is a graduate of Iowa State University with a B.S. in Finance and Marketing. He is also a 2007 graduate of the Future Leader’s Program of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

    Contact Mark at 816-841-0951 or mreichter@q10triad.com

    Loan Originator

    Contact Joe at 816-841-0953 or jgregg@q10triad.com

    Loan Analyst

    Contact Christina at 816-841-0954 or cfenwick@q10triad.com

    Servicing Manager

    Contact Brian at 816-841-0960 or bparker@q10triad.com